About Us

Three Friends Walk Into a Bar

In July 2015, three friends walked into a bar. Over the next 12 months, what started as a happy hour “What if…?” evolved into a vibrant, growing Kansas City small business. Since then, we’ve moved our operation from home kitchens to a commercially leased space, developed dozens of recipes, volunteered hundreds of hours, donated thousands of dollars, and placed Thēz Nüts on retail shelves in three states.

Small Sack,
Big Heart

Yes, our brand may raise a few eyebrows, but we’re okay with that. It gives us an opportunity to talk about our true passion: giving back to Kansas City. We are fortunate to live among compassionate, hard-working individuals committed to improving the lives of our neighbors in need, which is why we donate a portion of profits to local charities. In addition, we work with local farmers and purveyors to source ingredients and find every opportunity to partner with and support local retailers, artisans, restaurants, bars, and breweries.

Chris Oliver

Co-Founder and President

I’m an attorney by day, nut chef by night. My wife, Erin, and I have 6 kids, ages 5-18, and our house is full of Royals, Chiefs, Sporting, Wildcats, Tigers, and Fighting Irish fans. Home or away, I’m in constant pursuit of unique culinary experiences.

I’m the guy who lives to try the “weird” stuff, and I try to bring that adventurous culinary spirit to Thēz Nüts. When I create a new recipe, my goal is to transform real, wholesome raw nuts into dynamic, boldly flavor nuts anyone can enjoy. I’m proud of our product, and even more proud that we have found a way to give back to the amazing Kansas City community. 

Carmen Chopp

Co-Founder & CEO

I’m a music lover, coffee drinker, and loud sneezer. I cry at the drop of a hat, but love to laugh. A lot. I want to live in a world with no borders, and no barriers for women.

Waitress, customer service representative, lawyer, retail manager: these are just a few of the titles I’ve held in my life. I have always wanted to build a business known for good works and a positive impact on the planet and people, as well as one that treats its employees like family. I can’t honestly say I envisioned nuts being the vehicle for that, but here we are. I am so proud to be a part of this little nut company that is going to grow, do great things, and give us a platform to make this community a better place.

Jacob Lowry

Co-Founder & COO

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in — and a few years toiling in unfulfilling jobs — I decided to go to law school. After graduating from the UMKC School of Law, I worked at a big firm for four years (where I met Chris Oliver) and now practice predominantly in the field of municipal finance.

While I enjoy being a lawyer, I’ve always wanted to be involved in the ownership of a small business, and I’m thrilled to now be part of a company that delivers a truly great product and has a charitable mission.

I’m a single dad of two creative and hilarious kids, Olivia (11) and Liam (6), who keep me on the move.  Along with being a proud Royals, Chiefs, and Sporting KC fan, I’m also an avid OKC Thunder follower and forever a Sooner. In my limited free time, I enjoy traveling, running, and golf.